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North Perrott, Somerset


The North Perrott Heritage Trail

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THE GARDEN HOUSE is Grade 2 listed and was built in the 17th century for the head gardener. The adjacent walled gardens (now the Nursery Gardens in Church Lane) once served North Perrott House (1782 to approx. 1870) which stood in the park at the south east corner of what is now the Cricket Ground. Later it was lived in for 35 years by Leslie Parkman, the head gardener, who worked first for the Hoskyns’ and then in 1946 for Perrott Hill School.

23 HR n The Garden House


THE NORTH PERROTT CRICKET GROUND – A little further along the drive you will see the Cricket Ground and Pavilion to your right. North Perrott first raised a cricket team in 1870. The original ground was on Rowatts, a field off Downclose Lane. The present Ground was ploughed during WW2 and cricket stopped for the duration of the war. In 1946 the whole cricket field was levelled by the estate workers and since then the club has gone from strength to strength. In the year 2000 a large well equipped new Pavilion was built with help from the Lottery.

24HT n Cricket Club


THE MANOR FARM AND BARNS are both Grade 2 listed. The Manor Farm was built in the 17th century. An L-shaped wing housed a Cider Press with an Apple Store above, a kennel for the cow dog and probably further storage for the Farm. It was the home of the Estate Steward when he moved to North Perrott in 1925. In 1939 he was relocated to Peel House allowing the Estate Carpenters and Stonemasons to set to work reconstructing and modernising the building in readiness for the return of the Hoskyns family towards the end of the War. The family were never to return to the Manor which became Perrott Hill School in 1946, an Independent boys preparatory school, under the leadership of Mr G.C.N. Gundry. The barns were built in the early 19th century and were still in use as agricultural barns in the 1970’s.



TOWNSEND COTTAGE is Grade 2 listed and was built in the 18th century. In 1929 the Estate’s head gamekeeper moved from Romsey, an outlying farm, to Townsend Cottage. The Shoot lunches were prepared in the house by his wife, placed in wicker baskets, and transported by pony and cart to Shooting Parties at Haselbury Park Farm.

25HT, The Manor Farm


TOWNSEND FARMHOUSE - In the 18th century at the height of the flourishing weaving industry, the former barns (now Barnwell) which are situated behind the house, were known as ‘the factory’. In Pulman’s ‘Book of the Axe’ (1854) we read:- ‘At North Perrott also there has lately been introduced by Mr Smith, a new manufacture of fancy twine of a peculiarly beautiful description – gold and silver wire being interwoven with the threads’. Mr Smith was related by marriage to the Barretts of Haselbury who were sailcloth makers – a business which flourished during the Napoleonic Wars.  

26HT Townsend Cottage (Small)


TRINDLEWELL LANE – In 1874 a ‘foul and hideous’ murder took place in North Perrott. Ruth Butcher (Boucher) a 30 year old lady with ‘many faults and follies’ was found murdered and thrown into a pond at the bottom of the hill in Trindlewell Lane. The following morning, Mr. Symes, after milking, and whilst driving his cows down the lane to their pasture, noticed that they were behaving in an agitated manner, no doubt at the smell of blood. He discovered her dead body in a pond, wet, covered with mud and having suffered eight head wounds. A policeman from Crewkerne was summoned but the murderer was never found. Her little boy was found in bed crying for his mother and alone with his sister. Ruth Butcher lies in an unnamed grave at the east end of the churchyard out of line with the other graves, in what was formerly the road circling the north side of the church. Common report has it that the earth never settled after her grave was filled in.  

27HT, Townsend Farmhouse (Small) 28HT a Trindlewell Lane


THE NORTH PERROTT FARM SHOP AND GARDEN CENTRE was built in 1970 as an outlet for fruit and vegetables grown on the North Perrott Fruit Farm, home pressed cider and soft cheese using milk from the Estate Dairy. It is now a Farm Shop, Garden Centre and Coffee Shop selling mostly locally produced meat, fruit, vegetables, groceries and Apple Juice from apples and pears grown and pressed on the Farm. The Coffee Shop offers light lunches using good quality local ingredients and home cooking. Teas, coffees and delicious homemade cakes are also served or can be bought to take away.


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The North Perrott Heritage Trail

For information on each location click on the numbers on the map or scroll down.